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Games come with a progressive round that has 4 jackpots within it: Or take them all and play one of the Avenger series slots being the excellent examples of gambling games. They signed a similar licensing deal with Warner Brothers last year, and can now offer slots based on DC comic superheroes instead. The bonus is triggered with 3 or more scattered Earth symbols on the reels, awarding 12 free spins. You are here Home. For this page I will provide a summary of what makes these slots different, and why they are widely considered to be the flagship slots in the PlayTech range. First of all, Marvel is a trend and playing Marvel-themed slot games is a way of following this trend without even leaving the house.

Marvel Slots Gameplay

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For instance, take the X-Men slot machine. This machine features all of the heroes and villains of the comic book series, like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Magneto. For the most part, thi game plays just like a regular slot machine; there are 25 paylines and five reels, and the goal is to match as many symbols as possible across your active paylines.

But beyond just the simple inclusion of characters from the comics, this game really captures the flavor of the X-Men in its bonus rounds. This game starts with the Heroes mode in effect. However, there is one extra wild symbol on the center reel: If this symbol appears, the game will switch over to Villains mode. Now, the reels will be filled with only villains, giving you just as good a chance to win as in Heroes mode.

Some of the biggest and best casinos around currently offer Marvel slots, including the following. Slot games featuring Marvel superheroes have been available at online casinos for many years. Another software provider, Cryptologic, was the first to strike a licensing deal with Marvel. They released games based on characters such as Captain America, Wolverine and Spiderman. Several games were released in the years to follow, including the following.

These games are more advanced than the Cryptologic ones, and they have become very popular. The withdrawal of these games is ultimately down to the fact that Marvel Entertainment was purchased by Disney in This was evident back in , when Florida was looking at expanding the number of gambling operations in the state. Disney vehemently opposed the building of casino venues anywhere near its world-famous theme park, Disney World. Were they really trying to protect their image, or protect their commercial interests?

In addition to their comics and other business interests, Marvel licenses their brands to the online casino business, and currently has an exclusive deal with leading gambling software maker Playtech , who produce a number of Marvel themed slot games.

Even though we may think of comic books as a relic of the past, they still have a passionate following, although a lot of the revenue of these brands now comes from the licensing end of things, as they are much in demand and this is well exemplified by the demand for Marvel slots at online casinos.

The online slot software business often entails a fight for licensing agreements with popular brands, and the money spent on this licensing is often well spent.

Slots in general tend to rely on brand a fair bit, to create themes, and when you can go with a popular brand instead of a more generic one, that often helps drive the popularity of the slot. Many casinos of course do not offer Playtech software or Marvel slots, but if you are keen on playing them, you will have to play them at a site that runs Playtech casino games, which is the whole point behind the exclusive licensing deal.

Marvel slots are like an all star team of Marvel characters. Spider-Man is of course represented, perhaps the most famous Marvel character of all time, and one that has certainly stood the test of time as well, and has been very well popularized across the media.

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