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This means the software and Casino War games have been tested for fairness. The highest card always wins, and that is just about it. Of course you should if you want a simple and easy to understand game. If you go to WAR, you double your original wager and the dealer will match this second bet leaving 3 units on the layout. The Wizard of Odds. Casino War is almost entirely down to luck, so there are no real strategies to use.

Betting Streaks

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If the cards tie again, the player still gets to keep the 3 units. This game has a house edge of 2. As a special bonus at many online casinos, when the WAR cards are also a tie, the dealer will pay a 4th unit to the player. This extra bonus reduces the website casino edge to just 2. It also makes going to WAR a much better proposition. However, players do have the option to decline an invitation to go to WAR and surrender half of their original wager.

If they do so, the game continues as before with a player-against-dealer wager. If the player does surrender, the house edge for a five-deck shoe game rises to 3. Online Casino War comes in many shapes and colours all similar to the images above. This is a separate wager, and the player must first make the player-against-dealer wager before making the TIE bet.

If the player and dealer both have the same card which would send the game to War if the player wanted the hand is a tie. When this happens the player wins any wager they have on the TIE bet.

The payoff for this wager is 10 to 1. Unlike the standard bet, the house edge actually decreases on the TIE bet when more decks are used. When a five-deck shoe is used the house has an edge of Many players love Casino War because it is fast and easy to play, and the house edge is lower than single-zero roulette. It is also a favorite game for players who like to bet on and against streaks, much like baccarat, although baccarat has just half the house edge Casino War does.

The streak system most often employed at Casino War is the double-triple-quadruple wager. You can play at a range of real-cash stakes and access the best offers around. Casino War can be played with any number of decks. At a casino online, Casino War is offered on a continuous shuffler using decks.

You can play for real money as long as you want. The player and dealer get a card. The player loses if the dealer's card is higher. If there is a tie, the player can make one of two moves: Going to war involves making a raise equal to his original bet. The dealer discards "burns" three cards and both he and the player get a further card.

Again, the player must beat the dealer's card, or equal it, to win an even-money payout. Forget about learning different hands or complicated strategies, at a casino online, Casino War is as basic as it comes.

The face values of all cards are the same as in poker, with Aces being the highest. There is one bet to make. If you win, you are paid out even money regardless of the win. If you prefer fast paced games that can give you real cash quickly, Casino War is a must try.

Casino War is available at most good internet gambling websites. You can play for low stakes and even try variants for free first. Always look for good licensed sites that carry certificates of audits. This means the software and Casino War games have been tested for fairness. It's also worth looking at fast real-money deposit options.

You want to get your Casino War funds online as quickly as possible. Similarly, you want to cash out your winnings fast. The best online casinos have reliable payouts and the lowest fees when you withdraw. Online Casino War is a simple and fun game that can seriously boost your bankroll. But you can make your gameplay go even further by accessing a top deposit bonus.

We list the very best casino online welcome bonuses on the net. Make a first deposit with your credit and debit card and make the casino do the hard work. By playing through enough Casino War gambling you can add a tonne of cash to your account.

How simple is that? Casino War is the easiest table game of all at online casinos, and is simply a game to see whether the player can draw a higher card than the dealer. The player makes a wager, and then a single card is dealt to both the player and the dealer.

The format of the game is then repeated.

How to Play Casino War