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Can you find th You start your adventure with some Hint Stars provided. But who's the real criminal in this intriguing story? Solve a variety of unique and intuitive puzzles to progress through the game. Rise to the Throne Get hooked on this exceptional hidden object game that takes place in a breathtaking world. There are 12 hidden objects to find in each Big City Adventure level.

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Solve a mix of Hidden Object puzzles and mini games. Find trash to recycle and some species of wildlife in each level. Earthbound Search for hidden objects and use helpful tools. Use plants and animals to help you in your adventure.

Look for clues about your father and find a way back home. Test your wits in various challenging puzzles. Look for clues in the dark and foggy streets to figure out who the perpetrator is. Complete many challenging and engaging hidden object scenes and puzzles as you progress through the game. Find all the hidden items and make contacts along the way. Prove your innocence and catch the serial killer trying to frame you.

Make short work of any puzzle that gets in your way. Immerse yourself in a truly horrifying but equally intriguing storyline. Use supernatural talents to uncover hidden objects and solve mysteries. Single player games Category: Follow the adventures of Rose Watson and help determine who is altering the world's favorite stories, and why! Travel to the lost and forgotten corners of the globe in search of hidden artifacts and clues.

Can you unravel the ancient mysteries and find your way back to civilization? Puzzle Games Flash Games. Embark on your Big City Adventure at Pogo. Collect hundreds of hidden objects as you venture around the world!

Help clairvoyant Claire Hart solve ghostly mysteries in this fun hidden object game! Follow the clues, solve the mysteries, and join Holmes and his associate Dr. Watson on their greatest adventures on Pogo. As a legendary healer you can cure him, but there's trouble A creepy cemetery, lost spirits, ravens Do you really need Apothecarium World is a beautifully drawn hidden object adventure across Italy, in search of the legendary town of Apothecarium. Play World Keepers - Last Resort and travel to a mysterious island to find the cause of a horrible epidemic!

Can you find out what's going on? Where have they gone? Be swift, time is running out…. Who or what is behind this killin In Sea of Lies - Mutiny of the Heart Platinum Edition, a wicked baron forces you to find a pirate's lost treasure… But is that what he's really after?

When two magic doves are stolen, the consequences could be dire. Can you find th

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