Top 15 Most Popular Video Websites | May 2018

It can also convert your video file to whatever video format you need it in. ClipChamp has changed significantly over recent months, and sadly not for the better. The car pushed the guy on duty so he picked up a rock and broke the window glass of the truck. Free users get 1GB storage for their videos, which will be watermarked. In consideration of well support for online video download, moderate user interface, usability, fast download speed, we pick the following best 3 free online video downloaders which are anticipated as Grade A downloaders of beyond any others in the market. Some thoughts like this collection is filled with makes us think harder and deep. Trending Web Subscribe Unsubscribe

Amazing online editing tools that will get your videos looking and sounding incredible


This Bird Is Drunk. Girl Diving Into The Snow. Pot Pie with Razzle Dangerously. The technology has advanced so much that it can fool all of your senses.

This man here tries a VR and he loses his balance in the process. She is a pop star from South Korea and she is trying baseball. Thank God she is beautiful and cute because she is worse than 10 years old. Spicy Entertainer Subscribe Unsubscribe This guy has taken the cosplay in a totally different level when he literally transforms into a car that rolls on wheels.

It's so perfect that no words to describe it. Not only incredible strength but her flexibility is also amazing. Not to mention her sexy Avatar, she is a total catch. Boys feel tempted yet? Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe This cat knows how to open a door without making a big fuzz. I guess this kitty is the real cat burglar trained to perform the perfect crime.

This little cute canine is sassy and you might say angry on the big guy who is in a mood to play. But the little one is not at all wanna play. Trending Web Subscribe Unsubscribe Unfortunate Accident From India. They are with an idol in hand which they worship in India. But looks like God didn't busy to save them from this horrible unfortunate accident. Grandma With The Hottest Car. Until the window rolled down, people thought the hot car is the coolest thing.

Raccoon Loves A Car Ride. The music just amplifies the emotion of the raccoon who is enjoying the car ride. It is trying to catch the wind which seems so fun. Random Stuffs Subscribe Unsubscribe Another Angry Road Rage. This one here is a little different than the regular.

The car pushed the guy on duty so he picked up a rock and broke the window glass of the truck. Life On Internet Subscribe Unsubscribe This car has tiny wheels in its rear side which might not be convenient but a lot of fun. This driver is having blast in the driving seat. Funny Contents Subscribe Unsubscribe This easy to use video editor tool not only cuts video clips to any required length but at the same time it can combine several video clips, photos or audio clips into single file to create customized project.

It has Pan and Zoom feature along with ability to adjust text overlays on video clips as well as it can assist users to update contrast and brightness level for videos. WeVideo is a shared online video creation tool. This means that you can have several people working on a project at any given time. There is a lot of fun to be had in the collaborative environment fostered in WeVideo. Another great thing about WeVideo is the google drive app.

You do not have to worry about taking up space on your computer to save incomplete projects; the WeVideo google drive lets you save all your projects, complete or incomplete directly to your google drive account. The Android app also allows you to capture raw footage for your projects directly from your phone. PowToon is a great way to create videos that will serve an explanatory purpose.

If you need a video that is to serve as a sort of guide or teacher then PowToon is definitely the website you want to use. It allows you use what is essentially a digital version of paper cut-outs superimposed on colourful backgrounds.

The drag and drop style editing leaves you with a video reminiscent of the Common Craft style. You can choose to select one of PowToon's many drawings of people and objects, which you can then arrange on a blank canvas or on a colourful background of your choice. The only catch in using PowToon is that you only get to create or edit 45 seconds worth of video at any given time unless you choose to purchase the full version.

Wideo is another great site for creating regular videos, animated videos and other Common Craft-esque videos. Using the drag and drop elements of the website's editing service, you create a sequence of animations. Wideo allows you to use the different elements as many times as you want to create your video and unlike some websites, you are not limited to using stock elements text, cartoons, drawings, and images and components.

You are free to upload you own images, video footage as well as audio files. It is quite easier to get best results for record, convert and video compression needs using Clip Champ software tool. The best part is that its intuitive work platform allows beginners to complete their video editing within very less time and the output can be directly shared on popular social media sites like Video, Facebook, YouTube and Google Drive etc.

Simple drag and drop features allow users to trim, crop, rotate and flip videos as per their need. Further, it is also possible to adjust brightness, saturation and contrast with ease. This intuitive web application appears user friendly and works online with all advanced editing tools. Users can easily rotate their videos to 90, or even degrees, crop them, trim or apply several professional style editing features to create incredible projects.

It can easily handle maximum file size of MB and allow users to access any popular media file format with ease. It is free to use and you can access all advanced features even without buying any license.

Kizoa is well recognised for its wide set of transition effects and that can assist users to develop professional style videos with ease. Library of Kizoa is loaded with lots of animations that can be used to customize videos as per specific needs of particular editing projects.

You will find it much easier to personalize several details of video clips like position, size, duration and timing etc. There is no need to register to access all these incredible features so most of professionals as well as beginners prefer to use Kizoa for their routine needs. Creaza can help all age groups with its interesting set of video editing tools.

Best 3 Free Online Video Downloaders 2018