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Question [Spoilers C1E] Spell slots, game mechanics, trying to be vague, game mechanics question self. Ok if u came here seeing the topic thinking "well if its a mechanical question it cant be much of a spoiler let me help the noob" please go away, its gigantic spoiler, that can ruin your entire finale experience.

Can someone explain to me, and im trying to be super vague even in this spoiler thread just in case. Why couldnt Scanlan wish away Vax'es deal after long rest? Why wouldnt that work 12 hours later? Do u need to wish the deal with powerful entities away before the payment actually happens or what? Matt has mentioned that wish couldn't undo the deal, but possibly change the conditions of the deal if he did use it.

It heavily depended on the wording of the wish spell. Is that how Wish works generally or is this houseruled by Matt to make the game less breakeable with lvl 9 bullshit in general? The explanation that has been given in Talks Machina and a few other places is that it would have been possible, but extremely difficult for Scanlan to get Vax out of the deal if he used Wish before the Raven Queen collected. Once she collected Vax, the deal was done.

This is in the Talks Machina after , not I only remember because I just finished up campaign 1 a few weeks ago , if OP is looking for it. Sam had two ideas for the wish spell.

First, if the Raven Queen showed up immediately, he would have tried to alter the deal so that the deal would only be collected on after Vax's natural death. But it's extremely difficult to alter a deal with a god, so Sam thought that probably wouldn't work. Second, if she wasn't there immediately, he would have wished that the news of Vecna's death would take a long time to reach her so that she wouldn't know and come for Vax for a few days. So with both he would need to cast wish immediately after the fight ended.

Even then if would be very risky. Mercer mentioned in answer to the same question that after Vecna died and the deal was completed hinting that Scanlan should have cast wish before the fight it would be almost impossible to substantially change the deal. I'll add, though, that Mercer said those ideas had a good chance of working, because they don't try to undo the god's deal and just entail minor alterations.

This is also not discussed at least not nearly as in depth in the campaign wrap-up episode a couple people have linked to. If Scanlan has been able to use wish before the RQ could collect, there was a chance that he may have been able to alter the terms of the deal, possibly. Wish is intentionally written as a very vague spell open to DM and player interpretation. It is potentially the most powerful spell by quite a margin, but requires that both the DM and player agree on exact semantics of the phasing of the request.

While Wish does provide a listing of specific things you can do with no DM interpretation baring house rules , getting Vax out of the deal goes well beyond the predefined actions. As such, and as mentioned on the wrap-up Talks episode, Matt said it would have been possible, however it would have been up to Sam to convince Matt with his choice of wording.

Once the deal was completed, the difficulty went up quite a bit IIRC, sometime during the wrap-up episodes, Sam mentioned Scanlan would have tried. As a note on how the wording matters, the PHB specifically mentions the example of trying to wish somebody dead: TLDR; Once the deal was complete, there was basically no chance Matt would have allowed any wording to work. Performing the wish too early would likely have had unexpected consequences, potentially for the whole world.

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