Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Each online casino offering live games looks a bit different, using their own color schemes, design elements, different screen layouts, and varieties of games. Blackjack played with a real human dealer looks similar to a standard Internet game, with the addition of an extra screen showing the dealer working the game. Besides the choice between multiplayer and single player games, different sites have different rules in terms of splitting, surrendering , number of decks in the shoe, and other in-game rules. Live games, with a real dealer conducting the wagering and card activity, use webcam technology to connect you with a dealer in real-time. Of course, skilled players can shrink that advantage, and even turn 21 into a positive expectation game, by practicing card counting tactics. This popular casino card game pits gamblers against the house rather than against one another, one of the many reasons why the game has been enjoyed since the early 18th century at casinos all over the world.

Card Counting & Live Dealer Games

Best Casinos Offering Live Dealer Blackjack Games

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