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The games are streamed live from dedicated studios that have been designed and laid out like real-world casino floors; in the background, other games take place while floor managers glide between tables to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently, and monitor fairness and game integrity. Pirate88 Jul 13, At time of writing there were 5 Soho blackjack tables. Michael Dalton Jun 11, Aug 25, Threads: If so, what are the rules?

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Feb 19, Threads: May 10th, at 9: Thanks for the info. Sep 7, Threads: May 10th, at Surrender allowed, stand on all 17's. Stand on all 17's. Smaller casino, only a few table games. Delaware Park - Just min north of Hollywood Perryville. No splitting 10's allowed! Nov 9, Threads: May 11th, at 5: Nov 11, Threads: May 11th, at 8: Mar 10, Threads: May 11th, at But BJ is a streaky game.

Down time is almost non-existent, ensuring players have the best possible experience. The studios themselves have come a long way, too. There have also been new products coming to market that take the live dealer experience to the next level. Authentic Gaming now streams live from the floors of real casinos around the world; it means the tables are real, the cards and chips are real, the dealers are real and, most importantly, the other players are real.

Indeed, data from live table game operators and suppliers is starting to show that this type of product appeals a great deal to VIP and professional players as it more accurately replicates the land-based experience they enjoy when playing in competitions and tournaments, but from the comfort of their own home.

Live blackjack is all about enhancing the experience for the player. Players can also play at multiple tables simultaneously, and for high rollers there is a dedicated VIP table where the stakes are much higher. But all of this is offered in an environment that is more entertaining and engaging than playing at a computer-generated table.

And in a world where augmented and virtual reality are transporting us to new environments with life-like realism, it is easy to see why live dealer is becoming so popular among blackjack players. Visit these pages, which include complete house rules, return to player rates and recommendations on where best to play…. Leo Vegas Live Casino. William Hill Live Casino. It went live March All presented in widescreen, HD format. Private table numbers within each casino are likewise growing!

See the current private live blackjack table count here. A multitude of standard limit blackjack tables on the Evolution Gaming floor. Now all live streamed in wide screen high definition format. Unlike their regular blackjack table, deal is from regular shoe not shuffle machine , shuffled manually.

These are accessible by players logged in at that casino only, and bear unmistakable casino branding. Playtech private tables are served from their new Riga studio, and with the new wide screen game interface.

Playtech launched their new Romanian Bucharest studio in early , then re-launched new look Romanian tables in At time of writing there were 5 Soho blackjack tables.

This is 7 seat blackjack, live streamed from a purpose built studio within the Portomaso Casino in Malta.

Vision is truly HD. Play a single seat, play all seats as you wish. The deal will be at your preferred speed, and you may request a dealer change if desired. You may play up to 5 boxes at any time shared with other players.

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