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Labouchere System in Blackjack. On this page I cover many of the common cheating claims, show you a few ways that cheating could actually occur, a few real issues online blackjack players may face, and discuss a few individual casinos. Since there aren't many high rise buildings in the area, you can see as far as your eyes can take you. In the worst cases the dealer will reshuffle after only hands. More during peak hours.

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In other words, if the dealer was just dealing legitimately or meaning to it was sloppy, and if the dealer cheated, then it was a sloppy cheat. That could have something to do with the fact that the dealer seemed quite distracted at the time. On the other instances, the dealer appeared to use multiple fingers to push down the next card to come out and draw it out in a full on sliding motion, then gripping it with three fingers and the thumb as it gets turned over.

Michael Morgenstern has continued to post new material to YouTube with respect to this matter, in one video, he claims to have received threats on his life and that of his daughter from Central America as well as having been offered a quarter of a million dollars to take down his video accusing the casino of cheating.

Always keeping it classy, Mr. Morgenstern then has said daughter flip off the camera for the alleged individuals who threatened him and proceeds to go on a profane tirade about the threats against her in her presence. It has been reported that BetOnline refunded the affected player on that hand due to the apparent misdeal that resulted in the player losing both splits rather than just one. It is unknown whether or not the player has been informed that splitting deuces against a ten is not a good idea.

BetOnline has made it known that they have switched Live Gaming providers and had actually made the decision to do so prior to the events in the video. We will stay on top of this story and I will update this editorial if I hear back from Global Gaming Labs.

Use this function to inform the moderators and administrator of an abusive or wrongly posted message. Here are my thoughts each way: The Casino May Have Cheated: Here are the reasons to believe that no deliberate cheating took place: Write comment as Unauthorized user Submit.

Member's Feedback 21 1. Alright, this one could possibly go either way, my take, since this kind of stuff actually does happen more often then one would like to believe , they are getting so good at cheating that if by chance the dealer does get caught, they can seemingly plead their case with they didn't even look or otherwise distracted, cheating sucks for everyone involved , it's too bad we can't abolish this kind of crap permanently.

ChocolateMan, I take it since you accuse, 'All,' casinos of doing it you can back that up with some video evidence of it happening at every single casino? As far as this video goes, I'm just leaning towards, 'No,' but I'm not absolutely saying it was or wasn't a deliberate cheat.

I've seen enough the past couple of years to know better. Go look at my past post here. I have been saying it over and over. Yet when it presented to some of y'all on camera you still don't believe Blind leading the blind. I dont think that it is some kind of cheat, but it looks strange: Lipstick, The thinking seems to be that there might be some kind of mirror or hidden camera where the next card and card after that out might conceivably be seen. Either that, or that the order of the cards is somehow known.

If there is cheating, which I doubt, more than likely the camera or the mirror thing, I believe even that Live Dealer provider shuffled pretty clearly on camera. ChocolateMan, I don't think I'm making excuses, I'm just saying there may have been cheating, but I don't think that there was. If you're referring to Morgenstern in the video, almost everything Morgenstern says automatically has no credibility with me because it was Morgenstern who said it.

This is the guy who makes a video with his daughter in his lap sitting there talking about death threats against her. Many honest blackjack players are of the opinion that blackjack cheats should never be allowed into casinos. Although a fair point, the sheer number of casinos around makes it unrealistic. This said, in the blackjack world it is generally agreed that blackjack is an interesting game, meant purely for the honest players who possess the necessary skill set, and that blackjack cheats are simply not allowed into the picture.

Back in the days where many casinos, especially in Las Vegas, were mafia run and owned, blackjack cheats were dealt with very harshly indeed. Commonly, through the method of taking them out to the desert with a shovel, or via causing some other form of physical injury to the suspected cheater.

Luckily for those who cheat at blackjack in this day and age, casinos are much more legit, which means that they now pursue other methods of dealing with the offenders. Modern casinos are equipped with the latest security devices and strictly follow predetermined methods of opening new decks, shuffling cards, dealing them, storing them, retrieving them, and so on. Casinos also use a wide range of sophisticated software to recognize regular cheats, identify new ones, analyze game outcomes, and pinpoint unusual betting habits on the part of their players.

Cheating at blackjack is, therefore, not only inadvisable but also highly dangerous and difficult. Cheating in casinos has been criminalized in several states; however, the severity with which captured cheats are dealt with depends on the penal code of individual states. For instance, Nevada considers cheating as a felony, and in most other cases, cheating in casinos is taken to be a fraudulent act and is dealt as such.

There is a number of honest blackjack strategies and card counting methods to reduce the house edge , which allow you to get an ahead, but in a legit manner, and which require you to work towards perfecting your skills, rather than cheating.

This method is not only legal, but you will also find that is likely to be more rewarding als o. There are many ways to cheat in blackjack, but each cheating method is fraught with dangers and is very difficult, considering the fact that casino security takes the help of the latest technology to nab cheats.

Cheats can also use their fingernails or some other tool to mark the cards in some way. If they have nimble fingers, they can somehow substitute the cards in their hands with a card or two hidden up their sleeve. They can also bribe the dealers to fix the game in such a way that they will win the pot, or use a wide range of electronic devices to keep track of the cards dealt at the blackjack table.

We do not advise using any of the aforementioned cheating methods at casinos. At online casinos, to cheat on blackjack is neigh-on impossible. Sometimes the pit boss will also instruct a cocktail waitress to distract the player in the middle of a big bet, thereby preventing him from seeing the dealer use a sleight of hand maneuver. Shooting through hand after hand allows the casino to make more money over the course of the night, and it also makes things easier for the dealer to play tricks.

Dealing hands extremely quickly means that the dealer can sometimes fudge the rules without the player noticing; for example miscounting a hand here or dealing a card from the bottom of the deck there.

The faster the cards are dealt the harder it is for the player to follow along. For that reason, most casino strategy experts advise blackjack players to stay away from tables at which the dealer looks to be working extremely fast.

So why would a dealer cheat in the first place? One explanation is that casinos keep detailed statistical records of their winnings at every table and with every dealer, and thus dealers are under pressure to impress their bosses.

Some older Las Vegas dealers have anonymously told journalists that back in the day when many casinos were mob-run dealers would be required to run scams against players. Refusing to do so meant kissing their jobs goodbye.

These days, however, there is very little incentive for a casino to cheat. For one thing, regulatory bodies like the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the New Jersey Gaming Commission are serious about auditing casinos and cracking down hard when wrongdoing is found.

Just as important, casinos need to look out for their reputations. In the internet age word spreads quickly, and if a player thinks they got cheated the casino stands to lose a lot of business. Cheating can and does occur as this article makes clear but it is most likely extremely rare.

That is the stupidest, least factual article I have ever read about gaming. Dealers do not cheat! They do not deal from bottom of deck. They do not know what cards are on the bottom of the deck. Hi Tampacrapsman, We are glad that you shared your opinion with us, no matter how strongly you have put it.

We believe everybody has a freedom of opinion and we would be glad to hear yours. Are you dealer yourself or do you know some? Please contact us through http: Hi Naween, Thank you for your comment.

Actually you have an interesting idea there.

The Live Casino May Not Have Cheated: