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Once in, you will see a wheel of fortune with an inner and outer wheel. Here, your task will be to set the wheels in motion in opposite directions, and then stop them manually.

The values that are shown on both wheels at the conclusion of a spin will represent the cash bonus prize you won. The highest potential win on Crazy Vegas slots is only coins, which will no doubt disappoint high-rolling players. The game also includes a progressive Jackpot that can be randomly triggered at the conclusion of any spin, regardless of the outcome. The RTG release is a low-volatility offering, featuring simple, back-to-basics design and graphics that can hardly contend with the majority of recent slots.

In addition, the top-prize of only coins is another drawback of the game that must be pointed out. Nonetheless, if you play more for the sake of entertainment, rather than a life-changing amount, then you might find the slot satisfying enough. In our opinion, though, there are very few reasons to try out Crazy Vegas slots.

On the scale of things, this Crazy Vegas slot is not a classic and certainly not one of the best around, but certainly still fun to be had. Like a lot of slots, the real fun is when you hit the bonus round and trying to get the. Looking at the attention to detail, there doesn't seem to have been a whole lot of effort being put into this one. All of the symbols look kind of similar and it's difficult to discriminate between high value symbols and the ones that lead to higher wins.

Because of that, the level of excitement and anticipation is massively reduced, because it takes so much effort to determine whether the win will be big when you see the symbols line up. Compare to games like Cleopatra, where you can identify the Cleo symbol so easily and know that if 4 appear in a row, the 5th would lead to a massive jackpot hit.

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Come check out a newer, better, and richer Rock N' Cash. The slots are reasonably fun, but really, the higher you bet You will consistently dump a ton of coins just to finally get a bonus round, only to win what you could have at the lowest bet. Furthermore, unlike a real casino, the slots appear to be linked. If you decide not to heed my warning, at least take my advice We are sorry for the inconvenience you have been experiencing regarding payouts: I have been playing his game for awhile, and I actually really enjoy it.

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