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The flashing lights, the dinging sounds of the spins, the consistent wins, and the excitement of hearing tokens pour down when you hit a jackpot!! He ran into cowboys and Indians, suffered the Stardust curse, and learned more about the real world of gambling than anybody should have to know. We've even added a tonne of links throughout our blackjack guide, helping you bounce between the guide and the glossary, and taking you to extra resources that we have scattered about the Ladbrokes Casino pages. Click the link below to install this software. It was my pleasure to read the entire manuscript a month or two ago, and I have rarely, if ever, been so impressed with the scholarship and depth of knowledge displayed by a blackjack author.

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by Norman Wattenberger

Read our new eBook: Video poker machines now offer variations of many of the standard video games with liberal pay tables, which gives you the option to play so many exciting ways. It combines all the fun and thrills of gaming while allowing you to play at your own pace. Take a moment and download our eBook to learn the basics, the odds, the strategies and so much more. Then enjoy the experience of playing video poker! Ready to play a popular table game that has the potential for high payouts and has a fun atmosphere?

A game where the players aren't playing against each other or trying to beat the dealer? Similar to a Blackjack table, this game is based on three player cards and two community cards. One important fact to remember though, you must distribute your wager equally between the three betting spots.

The house edge is estimated around 3. With our easy to follow basic rules and glossary of poker terms, learning this table game is easy. Never boring, fun camaraderie, and the potential for big winnings are all the things that make this game very attractive.

The flashing lights, the dinging sounds of the spins, the consistent wins, and the excitement of hearing tokens pour down when you hit a jackpot!! Yes, you guessed it, we're talking about slot machines! The sights and sounds of the slots are practically synonymous with the word "casino". In this eBook, you'll learn about some of the most popular slot machines.

You can add your own title like "Horoscope Weekly. Three formats are included. Click on an HTML table to see an example. The table format and colors are a blatant rip-off of Ken Smith's BS engine. To save space in the book, 70 additional pages of tables and charts for rule combinations that are rare have been placed online.

These files may take a while to load. To obtain information about the inner workings of Blackjack, we simulate billions of hands. These are partial outputs of CVData billion-round simulations and contain a great deal of information not supplied elsewhere in the book. At first, I thought of including the data in the book.

Then I realized there are pages of data. Much as it would be nice to have the thickest book on Blackjack, I decided instead to point to the data online. Explanations can be found in the book. The sims can be found at:. Click the link below to install this software. The software is described in the free book. Large versions of the charts in the book also exist on this site. Use the addresses in the book supplied below each chart to locate them. Modern Blackjack - Free Version.

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