Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The exact pay table will vary depending on the casino you play at. One of the most popular of these is Perfect Pairs Blackjack, a bonus game that offers big payouts if players are lucky enough to be dealt identical cards to start the hand. Players can also place a Perfect Pairs bet if they wish. Few other blackjack variants allow you to do this, which really makes Perfect Pairs an attractive prospect to play. Graphics and sounds settings are in the main menu 8.

How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

How to Play

This game is not available right now. Please see other games from the same category. Blackjack Perfect Pairs Review. This addition to the basic Blackjack game may well entice a number of casino gamblers who do not often play the game. For many, the low odds make Blackjack too much of a grind.

The normal payoff in the game is even money, while the largest possible payoff under normal rules is for an insurance bet. Blackjack Perfect Pairs offers the chance for much bigger payoffs than you can get when you're playing the regular Blackjack game. It is a side bet which can pay as much as thirty times your wager.

If your online casino is offering the Perfect Pairs bet, you will need to make your wager for the same amount as your regular Blackjack bet. Other than being of similar size, the two bets have no other connection. To win your Perfect Pairs side bet, you will need to get paired cards such as two 5's or two Queens. If you do get a pair, you will get a payoff of at least That payoff will double if the paired cards are of the same suit.

For example, if you have a Jack of Hearts and a Jack of Diamonds , you will get a payoff of on your side bet. For instance, if you are dealt two Ace of Spades , you will receive on your Perfect Pairs bet. Obviously, the more decks that are in play, the better the chance that you can get two of the same card. Naturally, the Perfect Pair bet will not pay off as often as the regular low-odds Blackjack bets.

The house edge on this wager is also substantially higher than the 1 percent house edge offered by the regular rules of the game. The Perfcet Pairs bet should be approached like other casino bets which also favour the house, such as Roulette. The best strategy in that game, as in Perfect Pairs, is to stop playing if you are able to get a quick win. Adobe Flash Player is required to view this content. Join the High Scores:. European Roulette American Roulette.

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How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack? Before you start the game, sign in or register 2. Choose the amount of your first bet 3.

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