Ford 1998 Contour Owner's Manual

Actually I have the same problem except mine didn't break. What year is the red square lock from and is it better? Table Of Contents All rights reserved. Don't have an account? Page of 16 Go.

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I'll double check the fluid, too. My ex-wife's car has like a 2-inch clutch lead-in, which basically makes it so you have to 'stomp'. Very unfriendly, but then again it's a Baja-Beetle What year is the red square lock from and is it better? Terry, on the Ford CD it shows the cable routing and stock mechanisms, but the details on adjustments are not given. They show the use of some sort of alignment tool but I thinks that's for the stock shifter..

In another section it says that 15mm is the max shifter free-play, but that's all the details I could find. My logic tells me the adjustments are as follows: It's easy for me to figure out how things work when I get in there, but for this hot little ride I am trying more preparation and less guesswork. Call me thick-headed, but my gear-and-chain brain could use some lube.

Oil me up, baby! Now I am more confused. Look at the picture of the new part included above that the dealer emailed me. The locks are rectangular but they are orange. Is this the later one or stock? I think I've got it now as long as there's no more hickups. I am supposed to pull the cables into the cabin not out from the cabin. That Ford CD is kinda silly.

Nicer if they'd do one whole CD per model so as to allow for more details. Actually I have the same problem except mine didn't break. My shift cable the one underneath the shifter keeps popping off! So I'll be driving and all of a sudden I'll be stuck in 3rd gear goin down the street till I pop it back on.

But the bright side is that it's only bucks to fix. The bas of the stick must be concentric with the ally housing the stick sits in and must not touch the ally housing when either 3rd or 4th gear is engaged. That is how you know the adjustment is correct.

That is the rough rule of thumb to adjust the cables without the Ford tool. Yeah, these plastic parts are convenient but weak. The little plastic keeper in the center of the clevis cracked when I installed the selector cable on the tranny, so I will probably develop the same issue as you have.

Guess that's what I get for working on it in the cold. You make my life soooo much easier Terry! Now how much do I owe you?? I had mentioned the centering tool in my previous post, and that the cable sets actually turned out to be identical. It was the color misinterpretation that threw me off! Instead of using the 'tool' to line-up the knob, I just let the leather boot do the centering. That's as good as it gets when you're alone. Seriously, the car could fall on me and not a single person would come to my aid.

I'd have to manage to get my cellphone out and fly Terry in from Oregon to jack it back up! I plan on checking everything tomorrow with the installation of a bunch of new goodies provided the car doesn't fall on me first.

No I don't think so, AF is in Oregon. Where is Terry anyway? I guess it's your guys' 2-part 3-syllable screen names that kinda ring the same, always throwin' me off. So the same exact thing happened to me earlier today cable snapped while in 4th managed to get the car home but was not easy and the clutch took a beating.

Does anyone know where i can find a new set of cables, and also if someone has a video on replacing them ie how the are fed through the cabin to the transmission that would be of big help. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Copyright Table of contents We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe and pleasurable driving in your new SVT Contour. SVT strives for balance between Remove highlighted covers to access jacking points.

When towing your SVT Contour with flatbed equipment, you must place a block under the tongue of the inclined flatbed to decrease the angle of ascent and descent. Engine coolant reservoir 2. Power steering reservoir 3. Engine oil filler cap 4. Brake fluid reservoir 5. Windshield washer fluid reservoir 7. Engine oil dipstick 8. Also See for Contour Manual - pages.

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