Live Dealer Blackjack Online vs. Software Games

When you win online and want to cash out your winnings, it can take several hours, days and even weeks to receive your money. Once you are seated at a table, a video screen will load, which will see you facing a real life dealer and table, which is broadcast either from a studio or a land casino location elsewhere throughout the world. Perhaps the biggest drawback of playing blackjack online is that you miss out on the live casino experience. To address the problem of seat availability, the bigger live casinos offer private or exclusive blackjack tables…accessible only by players logged on at that particular casino. In live blackjack, you can double down on any two cards while many online blackjack games restrict doubling the hands that total 10 or You can play the game at your own pace, however slow it may be, and no one is going to pressure you unless you happen to be in a multiplayer game.

Card Counting & Live Dealer Games

Which is Better: Live or Online Blackjack?

Make sure to try both mobile versions to see which one fits your style best. Online gaming has transformed and matured itself over the past 15 years, and moving forward it is going to be interesting to see how live dealer blackjack evolves to stay competitive.

We are already starting to see the seeds planted for virtual reality live dealer games, which will allow you to play with a headset. This style of game would make everything in the studio or casino appear as if it were really in front of you, allowing you to look around in degrees, all with stereoscopic 3D coming right at you.

Of course, we can also expect to see additional game variations being introduced, and it is likely that we will see more tie-ins i. Microgaming and Playboy , which will change things up in terms of the presentation and features of set games. Live dealer blackjack is one of the bold new ways that online casinos are trying to bring a land betting experience right into your home. The experience has a lot of advantages over more traditional forms of blackjack, and you can find excellent tables with 3: There are definitely some spots better to play at than others, and some software is definitely superior in terms of offering better quality feeds and more variations of blackjack.

Moving forward, the future of live dealer games is bright and we are excited to see what developers can come up with in the coming years. Live Dealer Online Blackjack Online blackjack is a great product, as it allows you to avoid the crowded tables and smoky environment that you find at a land casino, while also featuring the ability to play as many hands at once as you like and more flexible wagering options.

The Basics Live dealer blackjack sees you selecting the style of game you want to play, with tables generally segregated by wagering limits. The Benefits of Live Dealer Blackjack While live play and online play both have their own individual strengths, live dealer blackjack manages to take a hold of the advantages of both, giving what we consider to be one of the most complete and ideal blackjack experiences available.

Some of the advantages in live dealer games are: I HATE dealing with know-it-alls at the casino who criticize you for splitting 8s or doubling down when they think it cost them a good card, and when I play live dealer I never have to deal with this.

The issue of card counting comes up often in discussions of live blackjack games online. Live games, with a real dealer conducting the wagering and card activity, use webcam technology to connect you with a dealer in real-time. Adding a dealer to Internet blackjack means adding a real shoe made up of real cards. The appeal of this style of online casino play is supposed to be that the games are more realistic.

Gamblers used to land-based casino play who miss the human contact when they play online games of chance may prefer to play roulette with a real human croupier, for example. But people who count cards may be tempted to think of the physical existence of a deck of cards as an opportunity to turn live dealer blackjack into a positive expectation game.

Does the existence of a physical deck, rather than a random number generator, really mean card counters can finally practice their strategy with the online game? Theoretically, yes, if a player had a genius-level IQ and savant-level memory skills. Existing online casinos that use real dealers have shoes composed of between 6 and 8 decks, and almost all of these versions of the game use random shuffles and other tactics to prevent card counters from taking advantage of webcam dealers and their real playing cards.

Each online casino offering live games looks a bit different, using their own color schemes, design elements, different screen layouts, and varieties of games. The cards are shuffled every hand, too, removing deck penetration from the equation. Many if not all games are created to be infinite decks, as opposed to a limited number of decks.

Casinos have created their games in this way to prevent card counters, as well as to simplify maintenance and repairs. One of the biggest perks to playing online blackjack is that you can switch casinos in a matter of seconds, assuming you have accounts at each casino already. Online casinos have smaller overhead costs. Because of this, online casinos are able to offer their games at a much lower price.

Granted, live casinos do have comps. The internet in general is very secluded. You can easily sit in your house all day, roam the internet and never talk to anyone. That may not always be the case, since casinos do have slow periods. Like 5, live blackjack delivers on the true casino experience. People screaming in fear, because they won or lost, etc , lights flashing, cha-chings of slots paying players, shows, music and more.

If you want an experience, and not just to kill some time at the tables, then you got to go to a live casino.

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